100% plant based skincare


For the past 12 years I have been producing 100% plant based personal care products, I find great solutions for troublesome skin conditions from little and well known green ingredients, some of them you know such as st johns wort and others less mainstream such as neem seed oil. How I do this is, surround myself with plant and flower essential oils, nut, seed, cold pressed and virgin oils, I look for non or low mass produced ingredients and find out what the capabilities of an oil or butter, seed, nut or flower can do for healthy skin and play with the ingredients I have at my disposal.

I match these ingredients to historical claims through hear say and scientific testing and test them out, if they work, I make a product from them and tell my customers what I have discovered, it’s a pretty cool job. You see, I believe there is too much choice, simplify, for every mass produced skincare product that claims to hydrate, plump, fill, smooth or help with a skin breakout I believe I can find you a single or combination plant based alternative that can also achieve these results. There is such a variety out there and I am finding new alternatives everyday.


As a lover of plants, flowers and herb based ingredients I am happy to share my passion with equally passionate people, my findings, observations and discussions about the possibilities out there for natural plant based alternatives and maybe you have some ideas you want to investigate or findings to share, someone out there may really appreciate your effort and I am always up for a chat about anything new or old that may have been overlooked.

To be truly authentic I have the help of a cosmetic scientist on standby, dermatologist and beautician that guide me and offer professional advice. Today in my first ever post on what I hope is going to be a series of blogs I will introduce you to the benefits of Neem oil, the claims of this wonder ingredient and how it can manage skin breakouts.


Hope you enjoy my findings.



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