Today many beauty and personal care products are filled with synthetic ingredients. What's the big deal some may say? 

Well since the industrialisation of the cosmetics industry we have been flooded with new products causing companies to compete radically with each other through extensive range, the growth of surfactants and jumping on the back of latest trendsto market there product that contains a well documented ingredient. The end result is often a in some cases a product of less quality claiming to be a product of superior quality often using misleading information to drive sales.

The cosmetics industry is split in 2 parts, product made from natural raw material/non synthetic/extracts/tinctures/oils/butters/ where all ingredients play an active part in the care of the skin but that may not have the texture or presentation of a mass produced cosmetic.

And products made from synthetic ingredients/surfactants/detergents/stabilisers/buffers/chelating agents. Many ingredients used to create levels of detergent cleansing, add a smooth texture, glossy image, thicken, emulsify, colour, fragrance or preserve.

'Lets say you are a consumer that has experienced skin sensitivity concerns and now through advice and research you have a clear idea that you need to avoid particular sensitising ingredients and in fact will benefit form one particular ingredient that you know about, have read about, would like to try. Yet all of a sudden you are met with a range of products advertising the ingredient, the nature of the product ie organic, natural, non irritant, it appeals to your needs and experiences, but there is a catch, just how how much of that ingredient is in the bottle, and what is it combined with.'

The growth of the surfactant industry has led to even more more diversity and affordability in cosmetic products on the market and although Scientific skincare on the upper level of dermatological care is fascinating and beneficial and can benefit many skin care concerns, when companies use this technology to create a bulk of products that target consumer desires but not there needs just to line there pockets it seems unnecessary. 

We think this is wasteful; taking advantage of the customers' faith; and being counterproductive to consumers' needs. 

Most worryingly, the long term effects of some of these so called "safe" synthetics are completely untested or worse known to be actively harmful e.g. SLS, a detergent which causes eye and skin irritations or Parabens, preservatives that can even disrupt normal hormone function.  

While the chemicals in one consumer product has a low risk of causing any serious harm - the truth is we are exposed to these unchartered chemicals everyday: encouraged, as we are, to use multiple products repeatedly over long periods of time. 

The legal emphasis is not on the companies, but on you to understand the label and take on the risks. 

Furthermore, as consumers we try to make informed choices: trusting phrases such as 'natural' or 'organic' on packaging. 

Did you know the term 'natural' is not legislated? This means it can be used on any product marketing without justification. Or that you need only 0.01% of a chosen ingredient i.e. 'rose oil' to market your product as 'rose cream'?

Under such circumstances it's almost impossible to make those informed choices. We're all in the same boat. So let's do something about it.


We are dedicated to creating a range of attractive and beneficial products, that have earned the right to be called 'natural'

We believe in absolute clarity about what's going into our products: aiming to build trust with transparency and educate through sharing. 

We are dedicated to keeping our marketing and packaging simple without making extravagant claims

We promise to never to fill our products with extra unnecessary ingredients. 

We aim to provide interesting and vital content such as tutorials, databases, and articles on natural and synthetic ingredients - to give you valuable resources and tools to better understand the cosmetics in your lives.

We do this to be the change we want to see; and we do it with love, passion and care. Always. 

*written 15/04/2010



Founder of Read/the/Label and Chief Producer


Daniel's background is as a therapist offering treatments, homemade products, and advice to a wide customer base for over 15 years. 

While working as a Spa Manager in top northern European Hotels, he started preparing natural products for individual clients. He found it was possible to achieve great outcomes for skin care through combining the correct natural ingredients and that these recipes worked particularly well for those with skin sensitivities. 

Since then he has been committed to creating a truly natural safe alternative to the mainstream body care products on the market today. 

Daniel Works closely with an industry cosmetic scientist to stay abreast of changes and help formulate products.

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